Janiebee Quilted Nap Mats

Janiebee Quilted Nap Mats. Where Sweet Dreams Begin™

Our nap mats are made in the USA with quality fabric, stitching and care. We make nap mats for every color, nap mats for every interest and even custom nap mats!

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Love our nautical mat for our son Henry! Thank you for being so prompt with delivery. We have one for our daughter Caroline, and we knew that we had to come back to you for our second. 😊 Courtney D.


Gina S.  on Jan 18, 2018

5 out of 5 stars   

My Family and I absolutely love Rene's nap mats. We have three children and had purchased two non-Janiebee nap mats for our oldest two, then a Janiebee nap mat for our youngest. While the first two nap mats are nice, there were stark differences that led us to replace them pretty quickly with two of Rene's. In addition to being comfy, beautiful, and expertly made, Janiebee nap mats are INCREDIBLY easy to care for - we've washed and dried our youngest son's (on delicate/low settings) just like regular laundry once a week since September and it's as good as new! Janiebee nap mats are also much longer than the first two we purchased, so our Kindergartner's feet no longer hang off the end. Rene' herself couldn't be more helpful or kind, and we could not be happier with our purchases!


Wow, I'm very much impressed  with the quality of the nap mat and the  quickness of the delivery. I ordered this just a week prior to my son  attending pre-k for the first time and was worried it will not be  ready when summer classes start. I have visited stores and was  dissatisfied with the quality and prices. I then turned to look online  and still could not decide since I wanted to feel the material, but  upon my research, comments about the Janiebee nap mats were  recommended. I'm very happy that I checked the website out and  immediately decided on the mat with no hesitation and the fact that it  was on sale was the clincher. There were plenty of amazing designs  that I myself wanted to get. I received the order within 3 days which  was much quicker than expected. I had my son checked it out and was  comfortably rolling around in it. The product is worth the money and  would gladly recommend Janiebee's nap mat. I'm very happy and satisfied and will order again. Cyndi S.


Oh my goodness!!!  I just opened the nap mat (bc it was a birthday gift and my Mama wanted it to be a surprised to me) and it's perfect!!!  Thanks so much...  you're so easy to work with and always knock it out of the park!!!!  😍😍😍 Jessica  W.

Good Afternoon!

We received our Janiebee nap mats yesterday and I couldn't be happier with this purchase.  I am absolutely blown away at the quality and functionality of the mats.  We will be sending our kids to daycare for the first time and there is something comforting about knowing they will have a nice place to rest their heads.  As I write this email they are contently laying in their mats watching a movie.  Fantastic.  Complements on your product and I'm so glad I stumbled upon you. Wish you and your business all the success in the world.

Best Regards,

Melinda Ringenier

I wanted to share with you how much Paisley is enjoying her mat. She loves it and so do I. It is so soft but so easy to carry with us and care for!  I know she will be able to enjoy it for years to come! 

Stephanie Phelps

Proud mommy to four wonderful kids!

Just wanted to share this picture with you .. we've had our nap mat and used it regularly for 1 year now . I have washed it weekly and it shows zero wear . Thank you again for providing such a great quality nap mat ! Amy D.


I wanted to email you and tell you how happy I am with your nap mats. My mom just recently purchased the owl mat for my daughter, Adalyn, who is 13 months. She loves it and so do I!  My mom and I own a child care center and have been in the field for many years. We have seen many mats and even used to provide mats to children in the past, yours are by far our favorites. We love every aspect of them, the size, the tie closure, the personalized name, the padding, and the soft fabric and the handle. I would love to refer your website and products to our parents....Morgan, A Child's Future Early Learning Center. 


We are so pleased with the adorable nap mat, backpack and lunch bag we ordered from Janiebee!

Nadia started daycare yesterday and mom picked her up early to find her fast asleep on her cuddly nap mat!

We are so thankful to you for making Nadia's experience at daycare so positive for her (and mommy)!


Mia C. 

I got Alexia's 3 piece set this week! I LOVE it. The material is amazing and such good quality! The backpack is such a one of kind she loves it! Thank you so much!  https://www.facebook.com/JaniebeeNapMats/photos/a.319752451414085.81991.201690469886951/1034949259894397/?type=3&theater


Just got Jude's nap mat in the mail today. Thank you for the super quick shipping! I rolled it out right away and you can see in the pics he is a fan already! The fabric is unreal soft. So glad I found your website. This mat makes me feel a little better about his first time to go to PDO soon :)Thanks again! Becca H. 

My grandson, Hudson, received his Nap Mat and Backpack today.  He loves it!   He opened the Box, took the plastic off and began jumping up and down.  He is two and begins "Mother's Day Out" tomorrow.  He will definitely have the coolest mat and "pack pack" (backpack) in his class.  Thank You!  Judy B       

Julietta's school said she loved it and took a 2 hour nap on it!!!   And It looks fantastic! Thank you!! Jen   


We received the nap mat yesterday and I can't tell you how impressed I am with your service and the quality of the mat!! I can't believe I got it so quickly! 

Thank you very much!! 

I just like you to know my daughter still uses this nap mat after more than 4 years!. It still soft and as new. Very solid stitches! Julie

These are so adorable! My 4 (almost 5 year old) daughter loves her nap sack so much! The school she attends to loves them as well. The quality is amazing! J Galloway

We absolutely love our all Minky dot nap mat. It is super soft and comfortable. We love knowing that our precious little one is so comfy napping at school. Thank you to everyone at Janiebee for such an exceptional nap mat!!  April

We recently purchased this may for our daughter to use at daycare as she transitions up to a toddler room and out of a pack and play crib there. She's never been a good napper at daycare despite napping well at home in her crib. After only a week she's started napping for an hour or more at daycare and lays right down on her mat to cuddle the soft material. The teachers have all asked where we got the mat because they think it seems so comfortable. One concern I had initially was about washing the mat. I've washed it three times so far and it's come out beautifully so far. I wash it on the comforter setting on our washer and then put it in the dryer on low. It comes out looking brand new and as soft as ever. Jessica

Matis loves it! He said that is what he always wanted (same for the stickers)  And of course so much more practical to take to school.

Now my daughter wants a new one all minky :-)


jaime quilt..jpg

Hi Rene –

She absolutely LOVED it.  It brought us both to tears :) Here are a few pics of the unveiling at her Birthday soiree.   I am the one in the hat.I have been passing your name off to friends and family. You truly do amazing work and the pride you take in your craft, shines through.   Thanks ever so much for making such a wonderful memory for my sister and I.


Hi Rene,  

 I just received the elephant walk nap mat and I absolutely love it!!!  

 Thank You!

Katie D.

.. WOW!!! the kids and I love them!! I just ordered another one!!! What a wonderful idea, they look amazing, and they are made so well! Thank you!! Jacqueline

We love it!  My other daughter has one too and we get so many compliments on it at school. Baby three is on the way and when the time is here I know we will be ordering a third from you!  Bianca H.


Hi Rene!
Valentina's mat was delivered yesterday. It is beautiful. She tried it this morning and loved it. She's only 10 months but her face just says it all. Just wanted to share. Thank you!
Lorna G

Ryleigh and I love the nap mat :)  Along with everyone else that has seen it. It is so adorable and comfy. I am very, very pleased with it. 

Thank you so much,Rosalynn

Rene, We received the nap mat yesterday!  It is absolutely beautiful.  Thank you so much for your outstanding customer service and product! Kayla M.

Oh my goodness!!! It's the cutest thing on the planet!!! I love it!!! Thank you thank you!!!!! {C}{C}Jill S.

Hey Rene. I ordered the nap mat and I absolutely love it!!! Comfortable, beautiful and great quality. The teachers at Mothers Day Out even said it's the cutest they've ever seen. Thank you for everything :)Kimmie

The nap mat exceeded our expectations!!! Well made, soft and fabric/print was perfect!!! Our little man just got moved to a new classroom due to his age and no longer can sleep in a crib. This picture was sent to me today from his teacher. He had no problems falling asleep. Thanks so much for making this fabulous product!!!

We received our nap mat today. Emma loves it and I can't get her off of it now! Thank you for making such a great and well made product. I will definitely recommend you to my friends.

 Sheri A.

“Thanks Rene!

Can't tell you enough in words, how much Sammy LOVES his glow in the dark space shuttle nap  mat!!

 Hope you are well.


 Thanks! I just ordered two. Preschool starts on Wednesday and we will make do with nice toxic kinderrmats until your awesome ones arrive for us to try out! Cannot wait to see them! Thank you for making a product in America that isn't going to poison kids.


So excited about my 1 year old daughter's nap mat!  She loves it and her teacher said she fell right asleep on it!  When I showed it to her she immediately crawled over and laid down on it!  So sweet!  Thanks Janiebee!  I will be making another for my niece.  They will be cute using them for sleepovers! Courtney

Love working with Rene!  She is so awesome and prompt.  I am a repeat customer for her nap mats.  I even bought extra pillows for the nap mat when ours got ruined in the wash.  Totally recommend!!!! Jenny

Super fast service!!! Very very friendly! I would recommend her to anyone!!! Thank you so much! My daughter loves it & I know she will be snug as a bug during her nap @ Daycare! :) You are AMAZING! My daughter said, "I WUV IT!"  Toni

Definitely worth the money!! The mat is very thick, comfortable, and the minky blanket and pillow add to its coziness. Rene' made this experience wonderful! I was actually surprised at how quickly she posted replies to convos and sent pictures of fabric choices. Rene' helped me put together fabrics to create a custom listing. My daughter absolutely LOVES her mat. She hugged me for forever saying, "Thank you for buying this for me Mommy." I'm more than pleased and will be ordering another mat soon for my other daughter. Dana P.

Rene.. I just wanted to stop by to say hello and to thank you again!!! you made Ariano's construction trucks nap mat and elicio's transportation nap mat back in august.... anyhoot, Elicio has yet to really use his since he's only 1 years old lol BUT Ariano has used his daily for preschool since august and we've washed it in the washing machine and dryer every Friday since august and it's still in tip top shape!!! Ariano LOVES his nap mat!! school was a HUGE transition for him but one thing he never had a problem with was taking a nap at school.... and I mean from day ONE!!!! I hope you are swamped with business!!!  i cannot say enough about your work, your kindness, and how you truly make a difference!!!! i will continue to send people your way!!!! take care and God Bless!!!! ~ Jenn

"Can I just say, this woman knows her stuff!!! Rene', thank you
so much for your patience during my fabric frenzy and then later so efficient once finally getting my fabric to you! I have already washed this sucker 3 times and it has held up like a charm! As soon as I got it out of the box my son was obsessed and has LOVED, LOVED, LOVED it ever since. He drags it everywhere at home and while at daycare it makes my heart happy that he is napping so comfortably. Don't be surprised if my entire town gets one, I get compliments on it daily! My husband, who rarely makes comments on things "we've" purchased, said yesterday, 'it was worth every penny!' Thank you so much  ...attached is a picture of us at home practicing (asleep) in it"

Ashley G.

"I absolutely LOVE this- it's comfortable, soft, cozy, and super cute. Thank you for doing such a great job!"

M. Brooks

We just got the mat. He said, "wow! I love it!  Thank you mommy!" thanks again!  Joanne

 This was the fastest service I have ever received! I ordered the nap mat on Friday and received it on Monday. And it is adorable! My daughter already loves napping on it at daycare. Awesome customer service and quality! Ali S.

 "Beautiful...I LOVE it! And such fast shipping! Thank you so much!" J. House

 "ADORABLE! Bought as a Christmas gift. LOVE these !" H. Bailey

 "She loves it!" L. Michaelwicz

 "Love love love this! My daughter does too! Have received a ton of compliments on it!!"

C. Blackmon

"Wonderful blanket - my preschooler uses this during nap time and is very happy with it. Thanks!" N. Barnes

"Great communication. Very easy to work with and super fast delivery. Thanks again!" K. Wynot

 "Rene' made this custom for us for a photo session in super speedy time! It's adorable!"

G. Ballard

We just got the new nap mat. It is ADORABLE! It is even cuter than the 1st one, which I thought was impossible. The thickness is perfect as is the length. I love the new carrying strap, Velcro to hold in the quilted pad, and the ties to close the mat. Thanks again! L. Phillips

I absolutely adore this nap mat, as does my two-year old. Although she rarely "naps" on this, she is distraught on Saturday mornings if it's not already out on the floor when she awakes so she can sit and watch Sesame Street and read her books. Can't recommend this beautiful, soft mat enough. Thank you again! N. Bratton.