Janiebee Quilted Nap Mats

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Our nap mats are made in the USA with quality fabric, stitching and care. We make nap mats for every color, nap mats for every interest and even custom nap mats!

Janiebee Quilted Nap Mats made in the USA

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Style & Quality

Each mat is designed as a little quilt in a variety of hand-picked quilter's cottons, luxurious Minky brand Dimple blankets and TWO inches of thick, soft, quilter's batting.

There's nothing else like them. 

Custom made to snuggle your little one for nap time, play time, reading time or any time.  Great for vacations, daycare, camping and Grandma's.

Please keep in mind that if you are looking for something you don't see, send me a message and we'll design something together.  rene@janiebee.com


We use the same batting and Minky materials on all designs. Variations in pricing are due to the way fabrics are used and labor involved in assembly.

$89 Mats: Promo mats made of 1 fabric for top and bottom and coordinating fabric for ties and strap.

$99 Mats: Made from 2 fabrics for top and bottom of mat with additional coordinating fabric for ties and strap.

$129 Mats: Boutique Mats always include several fabric variations for the top of mat with coordinating fabrics for ties and strap.

$139 Mats: All Minky, all Luxury Mats.


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Shipping Info: All Boutique and Commercial Mats are shipped within 48 hours from purchase.

Custom Mats -  allow 2 weeks.

All orders are non-refundable so we will make sure you are completely satisfied with your purchase. Thanks for shopping! Rene'

Email rene@janiebee.com 


100% Handmade

All Nap Mats are constructed of 100% Quilter's cottons on top and bottom. Top is pieced together like a quilt, with coordinating fabrics and is sewn down on each fabric change to keep inner pad secure.


  • Mats are filled with 100% 2" polyester quilters' batting.

  • Nap Mats measure 20" - 21" across and are 53"-55" long.

  • Minky blankets (double thickness) and pillowcases are attached to mats at left side.

  • Blankets measure 48" X 30" Pillowcases measure 17" x 13"

  • A pillow (11" x 16") is included in order. Pillow may be machine washed but must be air dried

  • Mats roll up and secure with top stitched fabric ties and convenient shoulder straps.

  • Completely machine washable/dryer safe.

  • All pricing includes personalization with an embroidered name plate which can be seen when rolled.

Care Instructions:

Washing:  Wash the entire mat separately, in cold water *If you have an older machine or a top loading machine with agitator please use DELICATE CYCLE and REMOVE PROMPTLY.  This is very important in maintaining the correct shape of your mat. Immediately after washing, remove mat and remove pillow.  Allow pillow to AIR dry. 

Drying:  Dry the mat in dryer on LOWEST HEAT until dry. Depending on how old your dryer is, check first after 20 minutes and again every 10 minutes until dry.  REMOVE PROMPTLY when dry.  Roll up and store.

Do NOT allow mats to lie in washer/dryer after cycles are complete *** Do NOT use dryer sheets *** Do NOT dry the pillow




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Janiebee Quilted Nap Mats:  It doesn't get any safer than this...

Our Nap Mats have been tested for lead and flammability and have passed all government regulations. Our testing was conducted by an independent laboratory in North Carolina.  Janiebee Nap Mats are in compliance with the guidelines provided by the Consumer Safety Improvement Act and the US Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Safety is our number one concern.  Don't risk your child's health on cheap imitations and sub-standard components. Our mats ARE the thickest and safest available, manufactured with fiberfill quilt batting made to our specs. It is 2 inches thick, NOT treated with any chemicals and has been recommended by the Center for Environmental Health. And for your convenience,  the entire mat is completely machine washable and dryer safe.

Other Nap Mats

Children’s Nap Mats from 7 states were recently studied by the CEH for toxic chemicals.  Their findings resulted in discovering hazardous fire retardant chemicals on 22 out of 24 Foam/Plastic variety nap mats.

Please don't use foam! https://toxicfreefuture.org/new-study-removing-flame-retardants-from-nap-mats-reduces-kids-exposures-in-childcares/

These chemicals have been shown to “cause cancer, genetic damage, impacts on fertility and reproductive health, allergies, hormone disruption, and other serious health problems.”  The article goes on to say, “To avoid flame retardants in nap mats, CEH urges childcare providers and parents to look for nap mats made without polyurethane foam...and purchase products from companies that pledge they no longer use any of these chemicals.  Other options usually not treated are polyester fiberfill, cotton and wool…”.

This is only a small part of the article, please read the entire piece at:


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Never leave napping children unattended. Nap Mats are not toys. Suggested ages 2-6.